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22nd July 2016

Nurturing, Developing and Sustaining Talent

This agency recruits Newly Qualified Teachers and Experienced Teachers to support the Primary Schools of Plymouth. Our prime aim is to effect change within our school system by nurturing, developing and sustaining the talent within our city.

Supply+ is a part of PAPH Co-Operative CIC which means it is effectively owned by its members, and as it’s not a private commercial company, its core motivation is not profit. Importantly, any profit that is made comes back into the schools.

Supply+ is supported by Plymouth Schools as a first choice supply source.

Supply+ supports NQT placements by helping schools with paperwork and, unlike commercially motivated agencies, has no financial barriers to schools to take on any of our teachers - there are no transfer fees for any permanent positions secured through us. We are continually recruiting new teaching staff to replace those fortunate to have secured a permanent position.

Supply+ offers live access to outstanding teaching practice, peer support and CPD sessions for all our supply teachers, not just for our NQT’s. Through working with partners like the P.T.S.A. (Plymouth Teaching School Alliance) we are able to offer subsidised or free professional development.

Supply+ is a great transition to a permanent school position.

Becoming a supply teacher enables teachers and schools to ‘try before you buy’ and to gain invaluable experience and confidence working in different schools, ‘you’ve got to be in it, to win it’



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