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Supply+ is the primary school teacher recruitment service for Plymouth and Cornwall.

Supply+ stands apart from other agencies as profits from PAPH Co-operative CIC will be re-invested into our primary schools, keeping the money where it counts - in schools.

We also strive to help our supply teachers find permanent employment (with no placement cost to the school) whilst helping schools recruit the right staff at more competitive prices. 

Supply+ aims to deliver the highest standard of supply teachers with teaching quality as the key focus. We are continually striving to improve the quality of the staff we place and the service and value that schools receive.

At Supply+ we support our staff as much as possible with excellent working pay and conditions and back this up further by providing relevant Continuous Professional Development courses and constructive feedback on their performance. We recruit, motivate and nurture experienced teachers, and help NQT's gain the valuable experience they need to bring primary schools, and their children, the supply teaching they deserve.

PAPH stands for Plymouth Association of Primary (school) Heads.  In existence for 15 years it has recently been incorporated as a Co-operative, Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Guarantee. PAPH's vision is that; 'We will help to achieve the best possible education for Primary children by ensuring that the needs and entitlements of those children are secured.' PAPH's members own and control PAPH CIC through its legal structure and governance; head teacher representatives of the members make up the majority of the board of directors.  

This vision drives all that we do and has enabled us to gain the support of Plymouth Primary Schools.

Working for the betterment of children, seeking to tackle deprivation, low aspiration and under achievement.



24th June 2022

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13th May 2022

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13th May 2022

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